Smid & Smid
Smid & Smid is Mickey and Peter Smid
Amongst them they combine the power of 2 generations of musicians, resulting in a host of experience in recording, composing, arranging and musicianship hence leading to the ability to produce compositions covering a wide range of musical styles with a specialization in retro soul, funk, folk, 50/60/70ies sounding productions (a dirty sound, rich with harmonic distortion).

Throught the years they have worked for many major advertising agencies and broadcast companies in the Netherlands and Europe.
They run their own Amsterdam based analog and digital studio that has been in business since 1985.
Smusic Studio
Nieuwpoortkade 2A 1055RX Amsterdam, the Netherlands   [Google Maps]

Studio phone: +31(0)206060920
Mickey phone: +31 650400373   Peter phone: +31 624904094
S t u d i o   i m p r e s s i o n s: